About Us

MVM Hotels is a proprietary brand, helping independent hotel owners raise their standards gradually, inexpensively, efficiently and strategically.  The MVM Hotels brand standardizes the hotel or motel offerings and processes, from customer service, front desk systems, reservations, human resource management, financial management and rate strategies, with a special emphasis on helping absentee owners keep track of their business. The MVM Hotels brand provides a superb independent economy lodging experience with excellent and compassionate service.  The keystone of our offerings is comfortable elegance.TM

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Founder, Melissa Visconti Moreno

MVM Hotels, LLC was founded in 2012 by Melissa Visconti Moreno.  She has owned and operated a hotel for the past 20 years and formed MVM Hotels to operate its newest acquisition, the TLC Inn, Bozeman, Montana. She provides brand management and strategic consulting services to small, independently owned hotels.